Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Pharmacy


About the Department:

Pharmaceutics is unarguably the most diverse of all the subject areas covered in pharmaceutical sciences concerned with the design and development of suitable dosage form for a drug and to develop strategies to deliver the drug to the desired site of action in the body. The department of Pharmaceutics, Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Pharmacy attained an up gradation with the establishment of M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics) in the year 2004 with an intake of 10 students. The department is equipped with the state of art laboratories having sophisticated infrastructure & ultra-modern facilities, and competitive staff to formulate of different dosage form and drug delivery systems with the safety, efficacy and stability.

Core competencies:

The department involved in the development and evaluation of following products

  1. Immediate release dosage forms
  2. Sustained release dosage forms
  3. Nanopharmaceuticals
  4. Transdermal drug delivery systems
  5. Multi-particulate drug delivery systems
  6. Ocular drug delivery systems
  7. Semisolid dosage forms


The department has sophisticated modern instruments with like Sonicator, High speed Homogenizer, Brookfield Viscometer, Dissolution apparatus, 10 station Tablet punching machine, Refrigerated Centrifuge and Stability chamber and well equipped for formulation studies.

Instruments and Equipment's available

All purpose equipment with all accessories

Friability test apparatus

Ampoule filling and sealing machine

Humidity Control Oven

Ampoule washing machine

Friability test apparatus

Aseptic Cabinet

Friability test apparatus


Liquid Filling Machine

Ball mill

chine Micro Centrifuge

BOD Incubator

Orbital shaker incubator

Bottle Sealing Machine

Phase contrast/ Trinocular Microscope

Bottle washing Machine

Precision Melting point Apparatus

Brookfield’s viscometer

Propeller type mechanical agitator

Bulk Density Apparatus

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Capsule Counter

Ultra Sonicator

Capsule filling machine

Steam distillation still

Clarity test apparatus

Tablet coating pan

Collapsible tube crimping machine

Tablet disintegration test apparatus IP

Digital balance

Lab India dissolution test apparatus IP

Digital pH meter

10 Station tablet punching machine

Distillation Unit

Tissue culture station

Double cone blender

Tray dryer

Energy meter

Vacuum Pump

Franz – Diffusion Cell

Research Focus:

The focus areas of research include design, development and evaluation of drug formulations, nanoformulations, novel, controlled and targeted drug delivery systems. The following research work studies are carried out in the department. The focused research areas of the department are

  1. Preformulation studies,
  2. Development of different pharmaceutical dosage forms including novel and nanotechnology based drug delivery systems,
  3. Evaluation of developed dosage forms with respect to various in vitro and in vivo parameters and
  4. Studying the biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic aspects of the drug as well as its dosage forms.


We can carry out the consultancy projects for Industry and Academics. The Department got expertise in the following fields

  1. Pre-formulation studies of New Drug Molecules
  2. Development & Evaluation of Conventional dosage forms & Nano Drug Delivery System other Advanced drug delivery designs
  3. Development and Standardization of Herbal Formulations.
  4. Antimicrobial Studies
  5. Trouble shooting in the formulation Development.

The following work may be carried out to support research project of the students /Research scholars/Industry on payment basis (Based on active Medicament and dosage form, Nature of work & consultancy Involved)

  1. Particle size analysis
  2. Viscosity studies
  3. Compression of solid materials
  4. Design of dosage form
  5. Invitro drug release studies of formulation
  6. Development of Nanoparticles and Nano composites
  7. Stability studies of developed formulations
  8. Anti microbial studies