About the department

Herbal substances are used throughout the world as houehold remedies.Most of the pharmaceutical industries are utilising herbal drug as raw materials for their formulations. Therefore it is essential to find out the quality of herbals used inindustry. This is done by Macroscopical, Microscopical and Phsico- chemical examinations of the drug or its powderand the results are recorded and compared with the structures present in the monograph of the particular drug. Thus the students are taught to identify the morphological, anatomical descriptions and their phytochemical constituents present in the crude drug.

  1. Identification of herbal drugs by their morphological and anatomical characters.
  2. Detection of adulteration in the entire herbal or in the powder form purchased from market through microscopic examination.
  3. Extraction of essential oil from natural aromatic drug.
  4. Preparation and Phytochemical analysis of herbal extracts to find out active constituents.